Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy doing photoshoots

Phew... Four photoshoots in a week and a half. Hundreds of images to organize, select and process. Christmas is applying the usual shopping stress to my life and my day job also steals a lot of my time. And I believe there is also a family that require some attention...

At least its been some really fun and interesting shoots, ranging from artsy B/W's to Glamour shots. I am actually really looking forward to spending some time on the post-processing part as I can feel how my Lightroom, but mostly my Photoshop, skills are improving. I've also meet some really interesting people over the last few weeks, giving me some pointers to where I might cut a few corners and utilize some plugins. As an example, a fellow photographer suggested using a Photoshop plugin for skin retouching and I must say that it has really increased the turn-around time on my image processing!

Last night I also got this idea of doing a series of 'Christmas Lights House Portraits' around my 'hood. Basically a series of house 'portraits' of Christmas decorated houses, all taken with a nifty-fifty from the same distance and processed the same way. Shouldn't take more than a couple of clear nights and should be fun!

Talking about Christmas... What sort of photo related stuff is on your list this year? Mine is surprisingly limited. A StreakLight and a Capture Pro Camera Clip is all that it has come to... Have I really reached a point where I've realized that acquiring more gear, does not make me better? That has to change!

Merry Christimas and have a great Yuletide!

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