Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Lightroom Cleanup Smart Collections - Part I

My workflow is...

...pretty much set. The actual processing workflow can be found here, and feel free to use it!

What I haven't spent much time on, is describing what happens to the
photos when I'm done processing them.

What happens?

Well, all photos that I want to process are moved into a Selects folder
on my computers harddrive (SSD so I don't waste time with slow disks).
When I'm done with a photo, its either marked Green for
done/finito/finished, Yellow for possible future processing (most
likely not!) or Red for 'Forget
about it. Thought it was good, but its crap. I'll keep it for reference

When I'm done with a set of images, I move them from my SSD to my NAS,
from within Lightroom. Easy as drag and drop.

So why the cleanup?

Well, sometimes an image slips through. Images get moved, but are not
marked Green, Yellow or Red. The OCD part of my brain hates this, so it
came up with a Smart Collection, that lists all photos that are in a
Selects folder on my archive drive, but are not colour marked! Then
whenever I have some spare time, I go through a handful of images in
that collection and mark Yellow or Red. When that is done, I'll process
the remaining images and mark them Green

This is what the collection looks like

...and these are the settings

If the folder contains Selects and is on the P: drive (my archive NAS)
and its not one green, yellow or red, show them in the Collection.

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