Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Could I Do Better Part I - Self Portrait

In an effort to become a better photographer, I'm putting myself up for critique. Now and then I'll post an image that I've taken and like and let you shoot it down with constructive criticism!

Self Portrait - B&W

This self portrait was taken using only the available light from a Petromax kerosene lamp (Love that lamp, but that is another story).
Hans C. Koch - B&W Self Portrait - Petromax illumination only.
Let me know how I could have made this image better.
Personal meh's are my right arm, which looks very bulky and how my clothes appear.
The comment box is open for business!


  1. I think if you crop in the left to the edge of the lantern it removes the bulkiness distraction. Love the light!

    1. I can see how cropping it would make it a little less bulky. I'll try that. Thanks!