Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photography Quick Reference Guides - Relaunch!

In the beginning of time...

When I started having an interest in photography, I decided to buy all the gear and then I hoped that knowledge and wisdom would kinda just come to me in my sleep.
Didn't happen! So like most other people, I decided to hit the interwebs and learn from there. I did not really know the vast amount of information and knowledge was cramped into the cables of the Internet, in regards to photography. I ended up sitting in front of the screen learning instead of shooting, only to find out that I couldn't remember any tips and tricks, when I finally had the camera in my hand. Know the situation?

Quick Reference Guides to the rescue!

An example; When watching a video about shooting fireworks one day, I realised that it took 10-15 minutes for the guy doing the video, to convey 6 or 7 small tips and tricks. Not that the video wasn't very informative and interesting, but it wouldn't help me out in the field. I needed a short list of what I needed to think of, when shooting fireworks.
So I decided to make some small Quick Reference Guides, which just contained the essential information! After watching a few other videos and tutorials on fireworks, I adjusted my Quick Reference Guide so that it reflected other detailed that I had learned. Then it was tried and tested and adjusted accordingly. I ended up with a credit-card sized paper with that I could pull out whenever I needed to shoot fireworks, to remind me how to set it up. I could always adjust my setup from there and change everything, but I would have a baseline!
What about panoramas? And portraits? And... well, you name it! I decided to put a collection of Quick Reference Guides together and why not share them, while I was at it!

As always, a work in progress.

The cards are always changing, as I get smarter or want to remember more. Your input is also
important to make the Quick Reference Cards usefull for as many people as possible. As this is a relaunch of the cards, I've cleaned up and removed a few only to add them later, when they have been corrected, but I wanted to share what I have now!
Feel free to comment on the cards or suggest new ones, and I'll update them continuously.

What are you waiting for? They are free!

Go to the Photography Quick Reference Guides page of my blog and download them. It will only cost you $0, as in 'It costs FREE!'.


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