Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pre-Pack Checklist - Getting your camera ready

The "Grab your camera and start shooting" problem

Every time I grab my camera, I want to know what the settings are. Spending time setting everything back to default, is a no-go as the shooting opportunity might be gone.
I have therefore created a small pre-pack checklist that I’ve laminated and put in my camera bag and every time I pack my gear down, I run through the checklist and reset my camera to my default settings.
This way, the camera is ready when I need it!

The Checklist

This is my checklist. Feel free to adjust it to your needs and defaults!
  • Set correct time, date and time zone
  • Format memory card (all of them)
  • Set file-type to RAW
  • Set ISO to 100 or 200
  • Set Av to f/8
  • Set Tv/S to 1/125
  • Set Manual to Av=f/8, Tv/S to 1/125
  • Set Camera to Av mode
  • Select Center Focus point
  • Set Drive to Single Shot or Continuous
  • Set Auto-focus to Focus AI/AF-C
  • Clear Exposure Bracketing
  • Disable custom in-camera image processing  (HDR, Miniature, Colour replace)
  • Set White Balance to Auto
  • Charge batteries (Camera and Flash)
  • Set Flash to Auto/E-TTL/iTTL
  • Remove Gels from flash
  • Set all lenses to AF
  • Clean lenses and remove dust

Follow the checklist every time you pack down your gear, and you will be ready to shoot every time you grab your back and run out the door!

Now go shoot!

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