Saturday, October 26, 2013

KWF Karate World Cup. Pictures and lessons learned!

KWF Karate World Cup 2013

Ringsted Karate Club in Denmark were chosen to host the KWF Karate World Cup 2013 and a few photographers, including myself, were invited to shoot the event. I've never shot Karate before and allow me to say that it was a challenge!


There is never enough light in an arena. You are not allowed to get really close (not that you want to, in fear of your nose meeting someones knuckles). There were 3 different light-sources with each their temperature. The fighters move fast.

A few images perhaps?

During the 8 hours that the event lasted, I shoot over 1000 images. Of them, just over 500 were usable. I've added a few below!

Lessons learned?

Besides the obvious technical photo lessons, I've been chewing on a few things I learned from watching Karate. Things that I'm considering writing a blog post on. Things like Honour, Respect and Cult-like behaviour! Stay tuned!

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