Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trending Top 3 beers aren't even beers!

The Apps

I've been using Untappd for a while, mainly to get suggestions of beer that I might like but also to keep track of the beers that I've already tried, and what I though of them. It was originally the Danish developed Wine App, Vivino, that got me interested in tracking the finer joys of life and after that, I've never looked back.

Both Apps give me suggestions on what I might like, based on my past drinking history (makes me sound like an alcoholic, right!) and more often that not, I'm suggested something that I really like! So my mind and taste buds has been opened up to new experiences!

Trending = Popular

Anyway, I was just playing around with the Untappd App, when the Trending beers caught my interest. What beers are the most popular at the moment. There are two lists. A Micro and a Macro brewery list. The Micro brewery list contains some very interesting beers indeed, like the Flipside Red IPA from Nevada and the Pumpkin/Yam beer from Southern Tier Brewery, but it was the Macro brewery list that made me do a double take!

The Surprise

The top one spot of the most trending Macro brewery beers in the world, is Bud Light. Yup, Bud Light!

Number two; Miller Lite.

Number three; Coors Light.

Anyone see anything wrong with this list? It's not that its American beer. American brewery's make some awesome beer.

Since alcohol is the primary carrier of flavour, aroma and taste, in beer, one would naturally conclude that beer with less alcohol tastes less... well, just less!

How can less flavour full beers be topping the list? Really, I don't get it. It's a little like putting a Big Mac on the top spot of 'Best Meal'. Most consistent maybe, but best?

Honestly, I'm surprised! More than!

To Untappd defence (I know its not really their doing), their website lets you drill down Top Beers by country and by type.

I urge you to sign up and try it out! You will try something new and that is never bad!

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