Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Adobe Lightroom workflow

The Tale

When I was a young boy, I struggled with processing my images.

 coming home from events, where I would have shot hundreds of images, I dumped them all on my pc and the started the cycle of procrastination. Just the thought of the tiresome process of going through all the images, would make me ignore them for weeks, if not months.
This just ends up with more images to process, a huge backlog, stress, guilt, and in the end, the loss of the lust for photography.

The Realization

A solution had to be found. I scoured the Internet, trying to find a solution to my problem and after many moons, I stumbled over creativeLIVE, a company promising to solve the problems of my creative process.
After very little time, I realized that they had what I needed. An instructional video course by Jared Platt, lasting many hours. This video course would prove to be the do-all/end-all of my image processing rut.

The Solution

Spending the time watching the videos, I learned how to get it done. Get it done fast and with a positive attitude. I realized that not everything what how I wanted to do it, but it was pretty close.
So I set sail to create my own Lightroom Image Processing workflow, based on Jared Platt's and I've decided to share it with everyone. It is a work in progress, but take from it what you like and let me know if you have suggestions on how to improve it.

Link: My Lightroom Workflow

And by the way; Spend some time on creativeLIVE's website and check out some of the instructional videos. There is an extreme amount of value for very little money! You can learn a LOT by dropping a few $ and spending some time!

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