Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apple (the real ones on trees) season is here. Let the drying of apples commence!

A HUGE bucket of nice, fresh, juicy red-green apples was delivered to our door, yesterday.

Whenever I see vast amounts of fresh fruit in quantities that are much higher than what a family of four can expect to consume, I bring out my Nesco/American Harvest dehydrator. Being able to dry out a load of fresh fruit, containing all the goodness and leaving out the water, is amazing. Fruits (and other consumables) can be stored for much longer and takes up way less space.

Anyway, just wanted to show an image of the end product of the latest apple dehydration project.

25 large dehydrated large apples.
Dried apple slices. Delicious dried apple slices! They will probably be gone in a couple of days, then again; Its a snack that can't get much healthier.

Rumour has it, that I'll receive another bucket of apples, later in the week. I'll be sure to take photos of the entire project this time.

Now go and dry stuff!


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