Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going on a small hike with my son, and had a thought (yes, it happens)...

A few days ago, I decided that it was time to take my 6 year old hiking. Just for the night and just pretty simple stuff. Would be a good with some Father-Son time and I would get the chance to test some camping equipment.

For cooking I'm going to bring my new GSI Bugaboo Hiker kit. Its basically the Backpacker kit without the pan.

First, who comes up with a name like Bugaboo. It pretty hard taking the product serious. I almost bought it online as I felt uncomfortable asking for a Bugaboo Hiker in a store...

Second, its a really nice quality kit! I have yet to try it, but the feel of it is really nice. The two cups actually turn into 2 cups and 2 bowls, which is pretty handy for a two person hike.
Trangia 27-6 UL

Third, I realised something when unpacking it. It is almost as big as my trusty Trangia cooking kit, which has followed me for quite a few years now. And that kit contains two pots, one pan, a kettle, a base and a windscreen (plus a burner and lots of other stuff).

That made me think about what to pack. Obviously the Trangia kit is way more versatile, but I don't really need all the pots and a pan for one night. Then again, the GSI kit is almost as big...

Anyway, my plan is to do a video or photo post at some point where I go through the pro's and con's of both kits.

But please leave a comment on what you kit you would bring on a single overnight hike for two.

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